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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  February 5, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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ppened. they told them a to meet them at a corner store and he would give them $7 for holding on to the crack cocaine, the 8-year-old took the packets in a baggy back to his classroom and showed the drugs to two other classmates and one 8-year-old sniffed the drugs and another 8-year-old refuse the to sniff the drugs and went to the counselor. and they confiscated eight packets of crack from the 8-year-old boy and they believe that the boys went and put the packets into the sink, and the police found them in the police drain, all four kids were transported by medics to chop. >> crack cocaine is addictive
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and it's a possibility that a death could have been caused. we are fortunate it appears that no one ingested it. the parents of the 14-year-old boy is expected to be questioned by police. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> all right sara thank you for that. it's a windy frigid day out there and the action cam spotted people bundled up and bracing themselves against the chilly conditions, accuweather says it's only going to get colder and we go outside into the thick of it with adam joseph you have a look at the forecast. >> we are back in the freezer, a few days ago we have a break and as we head towards the upcoming weekend, as we look at the numbers we are following through the day today. our midnight high dropped to 43
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degrees as the arctic front passed through and 30 degrees at noon and right now we dropped back into the 20s in philadelphia and the same for most of the suburbs. the winds are really cutting right through you this afternoon. 30 miles per hour in philadelphia 37 in millville and 37 miles per hour in the poconos and clocking in close to 30 at the shore as well and that drops how it feels when you step out. 16 in philadelphia and ain atlantic city. as we go through the overnight hours, the winds ease some but they remain at 6 to 10 miles per hour. as we wake up tomorrow morning if feels like 0 to 5 in the greater philadelphia area, 0 to 5 below tomorrow morning and 5 below and 10 below at the pennsylvania turnpike to the lehigh valley, when we come back we'll talk about a you turn around in the temperatures and
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an update on the sunday system we are tracking coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you adam. two philadelphia police officers are facing charges this afternoon accused of beating a man on a scooter and only "action news" has the surveillance video that shows exactly what happened. david henry is live at police headquarterers, where today they did not mince words about this case. >> reporter: yes the philadelphia police department is badly shake and by this ugly case that only adds fuel to the national debate over police brutality. commission under ramsey says it's isolated but improper. >> it's beyond training or anything. period. >> only "action news" has the video surveillance that helped to break the case, can you see the patrol car running down a man on a motor scooter, his
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agonizing screams pierced the night two police officers jump out and slam him against the wall and throw him to the ground and beat him repeatedly with their baton and fists. this is what rivera looked like later at the hospital. the two officers are now arrested. the two are facing assault and filing false charges. they charged rivera with resisting arrest. >> there was no resisting offered and then things elevated to a higher level. >> rivera's girlfriend canvassed the neighbor and found this surveillance video when it was presented to the d.a. the charges against rivera was dropped and the investigation of the police officers began. seth williams says the video was damming evidence. >> he never resisted or struck them or fought back they just
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started hitting him. one held him against the wall and the other beat him with a baton and then they held him own the ground and beat him some more. rivera already won a lawsuit against the police department and that will cost the people of philadelphia $250,000 but more costly is the erosion of public trust against police. david henry channel 6 "action news.." news..". >> all right thank you david. >> the coverage of this story continues online, we posted the video showing the alleged assault. >> police in cherry hill say they caught the man breaking into homes in broad daylight. officer as rested him because he was already wanted in voorhees he was wearing the same shoes as the person that broke into five homes in cherry hill, police
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found a person who said that marshall sold him some secondhand items it matched the list of that take and in the burglaries. montgomery county investigated people that they say stole copper from houses and then started fires. the three suspects used the internet to pick their targets. all the homes they hit were either owned by banks or an estate. they found a hand written note of the home they had robbed and they linked them with text messages. all three are on $3 million bail. surveillance cameras captured the car outside of this wawa in claymont monday night the driver hit the victim as she was walking to her car, she is
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okay but the police want to track down the man responsible. they released a surveillance picture from inside of the store and if anyone recognizes this man to call them. it is time now for a look at the "action news" traffic report. >> lets go live to matt pellman in the "action news" traffic center. >> hey shirleen and brian temperatures are dropping and speeds are starting to drop as we embark on the thursday ride home. not the mess we saw yesterday with the overturned tractor trailer in king of prussia but sluggish traffic from this point at 202 to the conshohocken curve, on the schuylkill just 22 miles per hour as you head east towards girard avenue and teens in both directions as you travel towards the work zones and a crash at lower merion at maplewood road and a wreck blocking the ram at collegeville
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to route 29 to route 22. speeds are in the 50s. but in pemberton county wires came down and the police are directing you around them. we have a crash to watch out for in maple shade as you head eastbound on 83 approaching 73. that right lane is blocked as you come away from the cherry hill mall and in vineland, a wreck at 97 delsy drive at forest grove road. lets grab the ipad and do the waze app the pothole in the road we are seeing so many of those these days, this one near chapman road in newcastle county. you want to know where the potholes are just download the waze app for free. we'll check it again in the 4:30 half hour. >> thank you matt. still ahead could every bar and restaurant be forced to put
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cameras outside of their businesses why at least one philadelphia leader wants to make it a reality. and a data breach affecting blue cross blue shield, it may have exposed the information of tens of millions of people and new details on the pope's trip to america, what he plans to do when he is in the country for the world meeting of families.
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jordan is stepping up attacks on isis, they laurnled say strikes two days after icy executed a jordanian pilot they were holding hostage. president obama condemned any group for using religion as a reason for violence and called iceis as a death cult and no --
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a hack attack may have exposed the personal information of tens of millions of people and this time the target was the parent company of blue cross blue shield. anthem said someone got into their computer network and got information about employees and customers and even the chief executive officer. they own blue cross blue shield and they say that the hacker stole birthdays and social security and employment information, all of which could be used to steal someone's identity. there is no evidence that there were medical information or credit cards stolen at this time. >> the company will get in touch with anyone affected and offer free credit monitoring the protection. a thursday rally on wall street the dow jumped almost 213 points and the nasdaq 21.
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all indexes are up for the year. twitter has reached a big deal with google to make it easier to research tweets and it gives them access to tweets in search results that should start to happen in the first half of this year. that shouldle increase the visibility and drive more traffic to the network. this is part of a sharing agreement that the companies had before and that expired in 2011. apple was trying to shake up the streaming music business from beats which is aacquired last year. it will be available on apple and android devices and apple is trying to price itself below streaming services like spotify. apple is talking about charging $7.99 instead. for every business that
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sells alcohol, a philadelphia city councilman wants one camera mounted outside. this comes one month after the body of shane montgomery was pulled from the schuylkill river, the 21-year-old montgomery disappeared after a night out with friends during the thanksgiving holiday and was last seen at the irish pub camera was have helped in the search for montgomery and any leads would have been critical. >> probably the camera would not have solved or prevented his death but it would have given closure in a quicker way as to where he went and was he with company. so talking to his mother at least we can do is help the future kids that go into those establishments. >> montgomery's mother karen suggested the legislation saying they searched for shane for 36
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days and she doesn't wants this to happen to anyone again. it would reimburse businesses half of the cost of the cameras, up to $3000. a rescue dog is on it's mend in new jersey after being lost in the bitter cold for six days. "action news" anchor, monica malpass is live with the details on this story today. >> hi brian the german shepherd escaped from his house almost a week ago the owner looked everywhere and they found him, he was found frozen in the snow and is being treated at a veterinarian hospital. what you need to do to keep your pet safe in the winter and five children at an illinois daycare center are diagnosed with the measles. what health officials are doing to keep the disease from spreading and if these are linked to the outbreak in
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disneyland, we'll have this and more on "action news" at 5:00. >> thank you monica. we have new details about the pope's trip to america for the world meeting of families while he is in the country, the pope plans to address a joint meeting of congress the first pope to ever do that. house speaker john boehner says will he speak to the house and senate on september 24th, the same week he'll be in philadelphia for the world meeting of families. this is one very special day for one very special lady, this is jeanette celebrating 101 years of life today. the eerie county native did it all from piano teacher to tax collector and mother to three sons. one of those sons tom right there, organized today's get together along with the cake to make the momentous occasion her advice is this, work hard as
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long as you can and make a lot of friends, she has done just that. big happy birthday to you today jeanette. a great smile. time for your accuweather forecast. we'll send things over adam joseph. >> it's one of the coldest nights in a month in the suburbs a live look in atlantic city right now the sun is shining bright but doing little to warm us up. windy today as well as we look at the peak wind gusts in atlantic city, 43 miles per hour and 41 for philadelphia at its peak, dover 40 miles per hour and allentown and trenton shy of the 40 but still pretty brisk between 36 and 37 miles per hour it helps to drive in the arctic air with the crashing temperatures 22 in allentown and 22 in trenton and the atlantic city airport, at 29 degrees, beach haven at 29 and now what it feels like in
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trenton. 7 in reading and 16 in philadelphia these numbers continue to drop, the good news as we go deeper into the night, the winds relax some and they are not as strong as we get past the midnight hour, they subside as 6 to 10 miles per hour. however the arctic air that pushed in over the next 24 hours, the dew points the measure of how much moisture in the atmosphere is below 10 degrees, that is bone dry arctic air and when it's this dry it robs moisture out of our skin and you get the lips burning and the hands start to crack. and that is the winter time arctic high that pushed in. as we look at satellite and radar, the good thing about high pressure is in the winter when it's this dominant, it squashes the cloud cover and we don't see much in the way of precipitation, for us this is a beautiful picture right now across much of the lower 48 where things are quiet after what has been an active pattern
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especially just to our north. for tonight it's clear and breezy and bitter cold 0 in allentown and 2 for reading and 4 in lancaster 11 in philadelphia. and as you wake up tomorrow morning it will feel like 4 below in allentown and 2 in reading and 5 in philadelphia and 6 degrees off the air temperature and the poconos 11 degrees below 0, and the winds start to switch in the southerly direction. and the winds bounce back into the lower 20s, still a cold day but not as harsh as today. 10 degrees below normal the high temperature is a degree above the freezing point with a decent amount of sunshine and turning milder quicker here on saturday. we jump up to 46 degrees and the system that was ridgely draped over our region for sunday and it will be mainly cloudy on sunday and mild at 42 degrees,
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and that system will try to sink to the south on monday to brink rain from philadelphia down to the south and a mix in the lehigh valley. with a temperature above freezing at 37 degrees. it's nice when we look at that, it's weekend will be dry and it's going to be warm. we'll take advantage of it. adam thanks. tonight at 11:00 we have a special health check report happening your kids get enough sleep more than half of school age kids are not getting enough shut eye and that could lead to little monsters at school. >> i'm health reporter ali gorman researchers are going in depth with local families tracking kid's sleep habits and what helps them get enough sleep and one family already noticed a difference. >> it turns his body into his own personal alarm clock. >> we'll show you how the strategies work. tonight on "action news" at 11:00. students in logan square
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took a big defiant square against bias and bullying this their school. they celebrated their designation for no place store hate zone, they were given the distinction by the league. and it is there to build communities of respect. >> alicia we are buzzing next. we have the latest on the case against rap mogul suge night and why tom cruise will start to look a little different.
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it's time now for the buzz and suge knight is in the los angeles county jail, he was hospitalized after being accuse of a hit and run crash, is he
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charged with attempted murder and hit and run charges. did you know that big time actors take on transformation roles. he is playing a drug smuggler named barry seal, seal was roughly 300 pounds and tom cruise weighs about 150, no word on how he plans to put on the weight. finally tgit, and whoa we may still need our jaws picked up off the floor from last weeks it's "grey's anatomy" at 8:00 and "scandal" at 9:00 and who is holding olivia pope hostage and then at 10:00 "how to get away with murder" and keating gets a visit from her dead sister. last week i couldn't even move, i was like this -- >> ha, ha, ha.
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>> what? what? >> have you to follow alicia on twitter she is always tweeting. already thank you. still ahead here at 4:00 today, it's a first for "sports illustrated," how a plus size model will be featured in the annual swimsuit issue. and two stash houses in two counties, what investigators found in landsdowne and why they think it's connected to a stolen goods investigation in philadelphia. plus -- >> to stream tv shows you need a password and people are sharing passwords to save extra bucks what you need to know about this practice.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph alicia vitarelli, shirleen allicot and brian taff. >> it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with sad news about whitney houston's only daughter bobbi kristina what we are hearing about her condition. >> and boy tox more men are turning to the needle for a tuneup why doctors dub their request as the wall street wrinkle. and a clueless boater missing a whale by staying glued to his phone the guy that snapped the picture is local. >> we'll begin with a cross county investigation into stolen goods. this was the scene outside of a
4:30 pm
north philadelphia home in january, officers hauled away items from a stash house. this afternoon police made a similar discovery in delaware county and now investigators are working to find out if these might be connected. john rawlins live in landsdowne with what we have learned today. hi john. >> reporter: hi brian this is west green wood avenue in landsdowne. some surprise today when officers from montgomery county traveled here their focus on removing items from one specific house here -- >> no one answered the door at number 60 today earlier neighbors across this comfortable landsdowne street watched as police from upper merion executed a search warrant at the well kept single family home and then removed boxes of materials putting them in police vehicles to be taken away. this was linked to an
4:31 pm
investigation two weeks ago when police raided this row home in north philadelphia police said an estimated of $125,000 of allegedly stole and goods were confiscated at that site described as a retail stash house. it ranged from a hot water heater to crystal lamps, it was taken from stores around king of prussia and north jersey and pittsburgh and virginia. >> it's not clear exactly what the connections are between the two houses here no answers at the door earlier, but a short time later an individual came out of the house tonight was clear he did not want to talk about what is going on here. he did not want to make eye contact and drove away. most didn't know the residents of house and one neighbor did tell us she knew them and they seemed like a nice young couple
4:32 pm
with children. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you john. police are warning women in south jersey about a person pick-pocketing purses two credit cards were stolen from a woman having lunch at pinera bread in mount laurel on monday. the han bag was hanging across the back of her chair and someone lifted an entire bag from a woman's shopping cart just a few hundred yards away. diane mel told "action news" that she learned her lesson about leaving her bag open. >> i try not to hang it on the back of a chair and put it on a clip next to you i know how violated i felt and i'm vigilant about it. >> and now they are looking to see if the case is linked to a
4:33 pm
case at a wegmans back on january 15th. the detectives are still looking for them. the father of an ocean county 4-year-old that fatally shot and killed a neighbor is going to prison. he was charged with keeping a loaded .22 caliber rifrle in his bathroom. his son found the gun and took it outside and shot his neighbor once in the head. before being sentenced he apologized to the victim's family saying he thinks about the child every day. >> a man from maine is behind bars after he admitted to having sex with a 14-year-old girl he met on facebook police arrested james allen as they were looking for a 14-year-old run away, they found her in a motel room along with a doll and child care items, he and that girl were
4:34 pm
seeing what it would be like to have a baby. allen is being held on $230,000 bond. >> the coach of a north jersey high school football team that was rocked by a hazing scandal will not be back on the sideline this year, they were looking for a replacement it's 2014 season was canceled in october just days after hazing and sexual assault allegations surfaced involving players inside of the locker room. he remains suspended with pay from his teaching job. philadelphia police want your help tracking down two men who robbed a pizza shop at gun point. this surveillance video was taken monday night at ed's pizza they pointed a gun at an employee and demanded he put cash in a yellow bag the suspect went behind the counter to steal from the cash registers the suspects ran off
4:35 pm
with $550, if you recognize these men call philadelphia police. days after philadelphia treasurer, rob mccord plead guilty to extortion charges. the pennsylvania department of state now fined a political action committee that gave the campaign $125,000. the problem is that pack did not explain where the money came from. mccord resigned last week and then admitted he tletd ened donors into giving him money or risk losing valuable contacts with the state. little sun out there doing little to warm us. 2 degrees below zero is the windchill and hardly any moisture in the air, that dew
4:36 pm
point goes above 70 when it's oppressive out in the summer. as we look at the numbers, the arctic air is coming in syracuse 9 and burlington 11 and boston 22 and bangor maine 15. factor in the wind and the arctic front is over the open waters of the atlantic and the two clash and everyone in the chill now it feels like 4 below in syracuse and 11 in new york city and 18 in baltimore but just like the last little arctic snap a couple of days ago it won't last long, we'll talk about warming temperatures in the seven-day forecast. up and down up and down. adam thank you. so any time your plans take you outside, be sure to check the 6 abc storm tracker app, both the hourly and seven-day forecast are there for you. some young students got a highly coveted early lesson in
4:37 pm
robotic surgery, students were invited to temple university hospital to experience what it is like to be at the controls of a surgical robot it's experience that even medical students don't get until they are advanced. it will inspire future doctors i'm sure. >> still ahead sharing passwords for streaming services is the norm but is it legal? and hear from the local man that snapped this now viral photo of a clueless boater missing a moment that only whale watchers could dream of. >> and do you want to look like a grown up you'll look like a grownup, how one barber is offering to make misbehaving kids look like old men. and the full accuweather forecast, more on the warm weather.
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service resumed on the tracks for a metro north commuter train that collided with a car with deadly consequences. investigators are trying to figure out why ellen brody stopped her jeep on tracks and came out of the car and then got back in and then drove on to the tracks. she was killed as were five passengers on board that train when the two collided. >> now to the latest developments on whitney houston's only daughter bobbi kristina brown tmz reported that the doctors told her father bobby brown and they claim he is refusing to make the painful choice until after the weekend. she was found facedown in a
4:41 pm
bathtub in her home outside of atlanta on saturday. it's been almost three years since her mom whitney houston was found facedown in a bathtub. whitney norris brought in a huge pile of singles to pay off his debt. the money was folded so tightly it took an employee six minutes to unfold one bill, it was not just the hassle norris became ris dupted and refused to leave the tax office he was charged with resisting arrest and trespassing. there is a new wrinkle in injectable wrinkle fighters, doctors are seeing a difference in what men and women want. the plastic surgeon in new york is dubbing it the wall street wrinkle.
4:42 pm
men don't want a wrinkle free look but they want the lines showing character but not those showing age or the sun. >> botox injections in the palm of their hands when they get a handshake they don't have the sweaty handshake and they ask for botox injections in their armpits, and when they don't sweat through their shirt. >> element 400,000 men got botox in 2014. here at the big board, the big talkers, for the first time in "sports illustrated" history the swimsuit edition has a plus size model. it runs in the issue called swimsuits for all. graham is an accomplished model in elle and glamour and the new
4:43 pm
line makes bikinis there is no reason to hide and flaunt whether you are a size 2 or 22. our eyes are glued to the smart phone texting, you can call this sailer in california having mix aid whale of a moment. an actual humpback whale inches from his face, the man who snapped the picture, eric smith a montgomery county native reached out to our own matt o'donnell on facebook, he was mad that the boat sailed in and ruined his shot but when he noticed the unknown boater in the background, he called it a pretty good piece of social commentary. if time outs or no tv time is not working hurt it where it
4:44 pm
really hurts. this georgia hair dresser says that scolding did not help him clean up his act and he offers the bad haircut for any boy that needs to be reminded who is boss. see it there on the right not a full buzz cut just ala george jefferson, it works their egos are so important it's all about the hair, these kids that are taken to the salon are taken out like this. when you see the picture of the little boy is he smiling in that picture, the look of i don't know. ma really? that is what that looks like. i would rather have the time-out. >> we'll interview that kid for a whole different reason in 20 years. matt pellman is in the traffic center with a traffic update. he loves his hair. >> of course i done miss behave
4:45 pm
but that would be an affective punishment. we have a new crash on 76 westbound side in a spot that would normally be busy, this is between city avenue and belmont avenue, a couple of vehicles ran into each other and penndot is there assisting and the left lane is out of commission as you travel west on the schuylkill. meaning you are not traveling quickly through montgomery drive through this accident scene approaching belmont. bad spot for the crash and use the the alternates like route 23 and ridge pike instead. and a crash at wissahickon and in ben salem, a wreck along by berry road by brick oven pizza that sounds good on a cold day.
4:46 pm
and one in east norton by the sonic, however the whipping winds are bringing down wires in norristown near arch street. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> and meteorologist, adam joseph, is back with the seven-day forecast.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
xñaó5ñ all right lets get you caught up on the accuweather forecast. >> it's the same every day in california boring. nice and kind of interesting. i like the challenges around here, as the flag whipping away today as the arctic air is moving in getting quite a workout this afternoon and the
4:49 pm
temperatures continue to tumble and the winds ease as we go through the overnight hours stormtracker 6 live double scan showing nothing after a decent amount of flakes that passed by some communities this morning. right now philadelphia 29 degrees, our high today is 40 and that was at midnight. 13 in the poconos and dover right now 29 degrees, and what a change in 24 hours it's 17 degrees colder than it was this time yesterday in philadelphia. close to 20 degrees colder like in mt. pocono 14 degrees cooler than wednesday afternoon. as we look at satellite and radar, a beautiful picture you can see not much going on in the lower 48 a void of clouds and a large dome of high pressure is settling in from the west. that drifts to the south on
4:50 pm
friday. and tomorrow it's 33 degrees, as we try to switch the winds out of the southerly direction windchills and below average temperatures, as we get into saturday, the front is way to the north now with its energy so it will be milder here at 46 degrees, with sun and clouds to start your weekend and then as we get into sunday the front that a couple of days ago even yesterday stalled over our region with mixed showers, now will bump back up to the north and it's cloudy here on sunday afternoon with temperatures in the 40s, a great start and finish to the weekend, eventually the boundary sinks to the south as low pressure develops along it. it pulled warm air once again in from the ocean and as of right now, the track is uncertain but as of right now philadelphia points south on monday would be rain and as you head farther to the north in the lehigh valley,
4:51 pm
there is wintry mix to begin that is four days away. the coldest night in a month 0 in allentown and 11 in philadelphia the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we are 10 degrees below normal and 33 despite the sunshine 40s both days for the weekend saturday is brighter than sunday but sunday is dry and then we watch the system with rain moving south now with a mix to the north monday and highs above freezing and 37 and then tries to clear as the system moves away 37 and we stay normal wednesday and thursday but dry with temperatures of 33 and 38 degrees, and i'm not upset that we are missing this system on sunday. >> not even a little bit. saving with 6 abc is coming up next.
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do share their passwords with friends or relatives that do not live with them. type in your password and get service with hul u plus netflix hbo go and it seems easy to give your password to someone else. but sharing your password is that illegal? the terms are ambiguous. >> the business models are evolving and next year could be different, they are interested in creating streaming media addicts. why it may be okay to hand out your password you could get a nasty surprise like the morenos
4:55 pm
did. a program they wanted to watch was blocked. >> i said see what the girls are doing? >> it would have been okay but my daughter said so and so is probably watch and she said i gave her my password. >> each subscription plan is different. netflix is one to four, amazon prime, two at a time. hbo go allows three and hulu plus only one. espn unlike the others does not state limits if you do not want to interrupt your viewing pleasure think twice before you give out your password. >> as hbo go and dish network are giving out online only access, they be more interested in exactly who is watching we put company responses on
4:56 pm i'm nydia han channel 6 "action news." finally at 4:00, a warning the tiny creature in this story may actually be too cute to handle. yes. this boxer puppy is adorable on his on but when the human guy's human mom decided to teach him how to hail, the cuteness weren't off the richter scale. take a look. don't worry toby practice makes perfect. you'll be able to howl and snort. >> when i laugh too hardy get the snort. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, shirleen and i along with ducis rogers are back tonight for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17.
4:57 pm
>> lets head on over to rick and monica. >> did brian say he was part boxer. coming up next on "action news," five children at a daycare center is diagnosed with measles. and hackers have stolen information from tens of millions of customers from one insurance company, more on the hacking and if you think your personal information was stolen.
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4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. thursday night and the big story on "action news" is a developing story out of southwest philadelphia, a 13-year-old and three 8-year-olds got a hold of cocaine while they were in school and police are trying to figure out where it came from. sara bloomquist is live outside of mitchell elementary school. what can you tell us. >> reporter: well, philadelphia police spent the afternoon at the elementary school making sure all the packets of crack cocaine were accounted for, four
5:00 pm
boys a 13-year-old and three 8-year-olds are over at childrens hospital getting checked out. they are under observation but are expected to be okay. meets want to know where the drugs came from and who is held responsible for narcotics coming into a classroom. police were called to mitchell elementary school just before noon after school officials reported finding students with crack cocaine. police tell "action news" that a 13-year-old boy brought the drugs packaged in small plastic bags and stored in a large plastic baggy, and while in and upstairs restroom he asked an 8-year-old boy to hold on to the crack and meet him at the corner store and give him $7 for holding on to it. the boy brought the drugs back to his classroom. he shows one of his other 8-year-old friends and he asked the frien


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